Sunday, November 6, 2011

Budapest Tablecloth.....15 months later!

Submitted by Linda
So I think I've already blog-confessed about my deep appreciation (we won't say addiction) to dishes and linens. And you know that lately I've added embroidery to my favorite pastimes. If you've been a blog-follower since Summer 2010, you may remember that I was fortunate to take a wonderful trip to Europe with a stop in Budapest, Hungary, where I spent more than my allotted budget for a gorgeous embroidered tablecloth. (For more details about my time there, click on Budapest, Hungary).

You may remember this photo of sweaty me (in a record breaking heatwave), with all the beautiful textiles.When I got home, I promised to post pictures of the tablecloth, after the boys were gone to college (so that no one would spill BBQ sauce or ketchup on it). Well, they were gone, and back for a summer, and gone again before I realized I had never once even put it on the table!!!!
It's even prettier than I remembered.....I love the scallop/eyelet feel.....
...all of that delicious embroidery....
...and the cutwork on the top!I plopped a favorite red Hall pitcher in the middle, just to get a taste of what it would look like with a cute centerpiece!
Every time I walk past it, I'm so glad I bought it! ( But you can be sure it will be put away before the boys are back for the holidays.)

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Liz said...

What a beautiful tablecloth Linda! And so fun to have it as a memory of your trip.