Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reviewing My Clovis Purchases!

Submitted by Linda
Back in college, my friends and I began taking trips to the Orange County Swap Meet. On the way home, in the car, one of us would pull out our purchases so that we could enjoy and savor and get excited about our finds. Thus we coined the term, "reviewing our purchases".

On the way home from our antique hunt in Clovis, our goodies were buried in the trunk and backseat, so I wasn't able to enjoy them until I got home.

Here is a nut chopper with a floral decal. I actually use a chopper like this, when I just need a few nuts chopped. I loved the color of this one, and the shape of the jar.
Vintage Christmas ornaments!!! Need I say more? You all know how I love all things vintage! At the street fair I did see boxes of the famous "shiny brite" ornaments, but it seemed like the box was cooler than the ornaments. So I just opted for these 2 beauties instead of an entire box.
Four little glass dishes for $2.00! That was the deal of the day. My mom in law had bought me some of these in my earlier married days, but they were all broken. These will be perfect for serving ice cream.
I tried to control myself on these embroidered pillowcases, because after all, I could make them myself. But I loved the crocheted edges, and the sweet lady who sold them had laundered them herself. Plus, they're in perfect condition! These will go on my bed during February for Valentine's Day!I had been wanting a chubby glass pitcher like this one for some time, and the $5 price was right.
I also had been wishing for a copy of this Golden Book "We Like Kindergarten". This one even has age-appropriate scribbles in it!
Most people shop for vintage buttons, but I was digging through old buttons to buy the cards. I'm hoping to use them on handstamped cards, with some other sewing motifs. I tried to find ones that had low prices (notice the 10 cents on the bottom right), so that they would look old. And don't we love the one with the guy and his pipe?
As for my other purchases, you will have to wait and see.......

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