Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love At First Sight

Submitted by Linda
I come by it naturally, this love of dishes and china that I have. You should see my mom's china cabinet.

Actually, when I first got married, we were in a 'casual' vibe, and I didn't choose china or crystal because our plan was to host bar-b-ques and taco feeds (which we actually do, pretty often).

After the fact, I was sorry that I didn't have real china, but was eventually blessed with a full service from my dear Aunt Sara, and an entire set of my Grandma Roll's Noritake wedding china. So trust me, I have plenty of gorgeous dishes.

I'm usually not tempted to buy china, but when I was in Victoria, B.C., I fell head over heals for this pattern, Royal Albert's Petit Point. I saw an entire set in an antique store, and thought to myself, "I'm gonna get me some of that!" Thus, my first purchase on ebay was the sweet sugar and creamer shown below.
I really don't want a giant set of this, so I decided to keep my collection under control and collect a little at a time. My next ebay find was this luncheon plate, with a cup and saucer.Then I found 2 more cups and saucers, one in Bakersfield, and the other at the street fair in Clovis.
So here's my collection, as it stands. I just love the bright colors and the 'stitched' look. I'm planning to round it out to 4 place settings, so I could have a nice little tea party or a lunch with some girlfriends.
I had to try it out with food.....stay tuned for this cookie recipe!


Catharina said...

Um....cookies....I'm waiting!

kate wallace said...

Those are beautiful! My mom and I are collecting pretty china. You should talk to her about it :)