Monday, October 3, 2011

He's Baaa-aaak!

(Lots-o-skeletons, embossed in white.)

Submitted by Michelle
You may remember this cute skeleton guy from a few years ago. Linda and I aren't huge fans of Halloween but I couldn't resist purchasing Scary Skelly back in 2009. Every year when I am cleaning out my stamps I can't bear the thought of getting rid of him, so I just resurrect him time and time again.

This year our Halloween treat is candy bars wrapped with designer paper. The special people in our lives -- secretaries at school, Kindergarten team members and other friends who need a harvest-time pick me up -- will be receiving a See's Dark Chocolate Bar with Almonds decorated to the hilt!
Linda and I had great fun using up old, old designer paper and embellishing the Skelly with a tiny tag stamped with "Boo!" Carrie, one of our crafty Front Row Friends, bought Baker's Twine in Halloween colors and shared it with us. It works beautifully on the tag.
We also wrapped up a few Hershey Bars too, for the kids in our lives who may prefer a plain old Hershey bar.
As for me, I'm happy with any chocolate bar, any time!

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kate wallace said...

Those are SO cute Michelle! I love it!