Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to School Treat Box

Submitted by Linda
My local friends may have heard me mention that Michelle came to town this summer during one of Craig's work trips for a "Girls Marathon Crafting Week". Though my big college boys were around for dinner every night, we managed to stamp our hearts out and make major progress on many of our fall projects. Here I am in my 'summer uniform' of black tee and gym shorts.
One of our 'must-do' projects was a 'Back to School Treat Box' for our teammates at school.
We water-colored the Greeting Card kids, added the red and black Love Letter designer paper and the teeny tiny 4 You tag. We think it's a winner. Like Michelle says "SSC!" ("So Stinkin' Cute"!) The picture doesn't show the shimmery mist we sprayed on the top to give it a vintagy feel.
I added my favorite sugar cookies.....
...some red shred.......and here is the final result!

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