Sunday, August 14, 2011

Victoria, BC: Butterflies and The Empress

Submitted by Linda
On our second day in Victoria, we visited this amazing butterfly garden, where I continued experimenting with my camera. Thankfully, the butterflies were so plentiful, and were happy to sit for a second or two, I got some great shots.The weather inside the butterfly pavilion feels tropical, moist and warm. Very happy butterfly weather! They say it's good luck when one lands on you - lucky me! (Funny how any other insect landing on me would completely freak me out- but I welcomed this 6 legged friend!)
In kindergarten, we do a big study of insects, and watch butterflies move through metamorphosis in our classroom. I wish my kindergarten friends could have seen all these beauties!
Beautiful symmetry!
And what tropical paradise would be complete without pink flamingos!Later we cooled off in the typical coolish Pacific Northwest weather, and made our way to the famous Empress hotel. The hanging flower pots are just amazing there!
We talked the guys into having tea at the Empress, and they were (mostly) happy with the food, despite there not being a slab of meat anywhere to be found. After serving tea for years and years, they had perfected their menu.
Our server had worked there for 37 years, and was happy to chit-chat with us about the food and hotel history. Look at those pretty desserts!
I've quoted Alexandra Stoddard before, from her book Tea Celebrations, where she notes that the important thing about any teatime is the time spent with a friend, loved one, or even yourself. I was happy to have Craig with me.


Valerie said...

The butterflies are beautiful! Does this mean Craig will join us for our next outing at Two-A-Tea in Glendora???

kate wallace said...

I want to go there!!!