Thursday, August 11, 2011

Victoria, BC: Butchart Gardens

Submitted by Linda
This summer I had the privilege of taking a road trip with my parents. One thing I learned, is that a road trip is MUCH better when you are a) not a kid and b) not taking kids. In years past, I've done most of my travel via airplanes, which translates to hurrying, deadlines, security, space limitations and seemingly endless waits at airports. I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy the pace of a road trip. With Craig at the wheel, I was able to play with the navigation system, choose the music, enjoy the scenery and conversation, all whilst embroidering away at my new old hobby.

After hitting the Seattle Pike Street Market, we went on to Victoria, BC via the ferry.
On Day 1 we were off to the amazing (can you hear me say "Uh--May--Zing"?) Butchart Gardens. I had been there before, as a child, but I had forgotten the impact of that first view of the sunken garden.
Our day there was so fun, because Craig and I were on the lookout for ideas that we could incorporate in our yard (keeping in mind the lack of staff, space, and climate differences).
I love how the density of the same types of plant give make such a visual impact.
I love this bed of zinnias. From this distance, you can't even see the orange ones, but they add such a nice depth to the rainbow of colors.
I liked the interest in the foreground of this next picture, with the reddish leaves of the begonias.
You may remember me whining about my 'point and shoot' camera previously, so I experimented with some settings, and I'm pretty pleased with my results. Please admire the bee that I captured in this one. This flowering vine is the American Pillar Rose, and I'm dreaming of it cascading over my backyard pergola.
This plant is called filipendula, and I love, love, love it. I need to do the research to see if it can grow in so-cal. I like how the buds look like cupcake sprinkles!
This begonia was about the size of a dinner plate. In the spirit of 'tooting my own horn', I was happy that I caught water droplets in my pic.
Ooooh! Dahlias!My mom loves fuschias, and raised them at my Oregon home. My goal in this pic was to have the flowers in focus and the background a bit blurry.
We ate lunch there, and of course, the salad was served with a sprinkling of bachelor's buttons petals and marigold petals.

I left that day with a bag of seeds, a list of options to investigate, and a lot of inspiration for next spring.

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