Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pike Street Market: Pleeza no Squeeza!

Submitted by Linda
Many of you know that I was raised in Oregon, until I came down to Cali to go to college many moons ago. This past July, I was fortunate to take a road trip back up to my old stompin' grounds.

I had been to Seattle many times, but don't ever remember visiting the Pike Street Market.We watched the famous fish-throwing guys....
...saw some amazing produce - notice the "pleeza no squeeza" sign on the pretty avocados.....
...went a little crazy over the piles and piles of sweet peas........and I loved the contrast of the beach umbrellas with the urban skyline.
That weather in the northwest is certainly good flower-growin'-weather!

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cusdnurse said...

I was just there also! We bought jams and beets! Love that place and love Seattle in the summer. Did you see the fish being thrown? Years ago Maribeth Jacobs showed us a video about that fish place and how great their management worked. Great fun!