Saturday, August 20, 2011

Growing Up

Submitted by Michelle

Though I don't really want to admit it, Celeste is actually growing up. I keep telling her to stay little forever but she doesn't seem to be listening to me. When I met her 6 years ago she looked like this.
Believe it or not, she now looks like this.
She is quite the fashionista with her red patent leather Mary Janes and pink and green polka dotted knee socks.

The last time I wrote about Celeste we had just seen Beauty and the Beast in LA. Since then, nothing overly eventful has happened with Celeste regarding her health, which is a major blessing. She still continues to have a surgery every 6 months to lengthen the growth rod that is attached to her spine, and for several months in the spring she had to endure having a cast on her right leg to help straighten out her foot.
Sifting flour for pancakes with her pink cast. (February 2011)
Rolling meatballs on the kitchen counter with her purple cast. (March 2011)

Thankfully, this summer she has been cast and surgery free so she has been able to swim as much as she pleases.
Celeste still loves to help in the kitchen which is such a dream come true for me. I had always hoped that if I had a child of my own I would be able to share my love of food with him or her. Luckily for me, Celeste's parents are always willing to share her with David and me.
Using the food processor.
Adding dill relish to the Carrie's famous chicken salad.

Cooking isn't the only hobby I've been sharing with Celeste. I've also been teaching her the art of paper crafting.
Making Valentine's for school.

The most exciting thing that has happened this summer occurred just a week ago. I finally got Celeste on her bike!
When she first received it as a gift from Variety Children's Charity back in March, she was still recovering from a surgery she had in November of 2010 and wasn't really able to bend her legs enough to pedal the bike. Celeste has been working hard at physical therapy this summer and it has really paid off. She is quite flexible again and can ride her bike like a champ.
Celeste and I have big plans for her and the bike. When the weather cools and the Farmer's Market re-opens in Old Town La Quinta, we will be able to ride over and pick out organic fruits and vegetables to cook with. Celeste also wants to help me take Zoe and Lucy (the doggies) for a walk. The possibilities seem endless now that Celeste has more mobility. My hope is that the bike riding will strengthen her legs enough to get her walking sometime in the future.

And as for the growing up part? Well, I guess I can't keep Celeste little forever, but I can enjoy watching her mature and sharing in the moments every step of the way.

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