Monday, July 11, 2011

Totes Gorge!

Submitted by Michelle
Alright all you middle aged ladies and gents, this vocabulary lesson is for you! I try to stay hip to the jive so that I can relate to my nieces, nephew and adopted sons T-Bone and Nick-Dawg (yes, I made up those fake gangsta' names for Linda's boys), but every now and then I am completely stumped by a new phrase and have to be educated by said nieces, nephew or adopted sons. Case in point: totes. Last fall my niece Rachel went away to college in Manhattan and I noticed her using the word totes on her Facebook page. Oblivious to the totally obvious meaning, I had to ask her. (Totes = totally!) Fast forward to about a month ago when Linda was reading Women's Day Magazine and found an article about words middle aged women should not be using. Totes was on the list! She immediately consulted with Nick-Dawg about the list and then called me to see if I knew any of the words, which I'm happy to say, I totes did!

Being the fun loving gals that we are, Linda and I do not adhere to random rules set forth by authors in woman's magazines and we have added totes to our vocabulary only we also shorten the other words that go with it. (Which is what the young kids do too!)

For example, these cards that I created today could be described using the current teenage slang.

Totes presh!
(totally precious)
Totes gorge!
(totally gorgeous)
Totes fab!
(totally fabulous)
And if Nick-Dawg or T-Bone were to read this blog entry they would say I am totes ridic! (Totally ridiculous)


Liz said...

What great cards! Especially like the "totes gorge" - maybe a class project?

Linda and Michelle said...

Liz - They are for our club next week! You'll get to make them.


Lucy said...

Totes Adorb!!!