Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Day out of The Desi

Submitted by Michelle

My friend Carrie is always looking for something to do. She has the energy of a teenager and doesn't mind driving a few hours in order to see a new place. She is also an avid papercrafter, like me, and often will take me along on her trips. Yesterday we made another trek to Redlands to our favorite stamping and scrapbooking store, Collective Journey, to participate in a card making class. (We were in Redlands last weekend too. You can read about it here.) Summer is the perfect time for us to get out of the desert, or desi as we call it, for a day.

Our friend Andi was teaching the card class. She is totally amazing. I'm a copier/modifier when it comes to my crafting, but not Andi. She can take a single piece of paper and design the most amazing creations. Here's a look at what we made.

Balloons are very on trend this season for stamping and scrapbooking. The wire with the "reach for the sky" banner attached is truly inspired.
Pennants are also in. I'm seeing them every where! The flowers look quilled but were actually just rolled by hand.
This is my favorite. The colors, the polka-dotted ribbon and the yo-yo just take my breath away.
Glitter and baker's twine and cupcakes, oh my!
Linda and I have a new abbreviation that we use when we text. It is SSC or So Stinkin' Cute! This card would go in the SSC category, don't you think?
These fabulous cards have me inspired to put my own twist on some of them so I can share them with my stamp club members in August.

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Andrea said...

Hello, Ladies! Thanks so much for coming to the class - you two are so much fun, you make the class special! And thanks for the recipe! - Andi