Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tommy's 20th!

Submitted by Linda
So the day before Tommy's birthday, I jokingly asked him if he cared if he received a handmade card (because being a 'typical guy', it doesn't seem like he really notices whether I do or don't). Anyway, he immediately responded with "handmade of course"! Maybe he is paying more attention than I originally thought!

I decided I wanted something somewhat simply and manly, and I thought it would be cute if I did something with the number 20, even though I don't have very many number stamps. I used my one inch circle punch to do "faux embossing" (just glued a bunch of dots on the front), used my rough type alphabet to spell his name and pulled out my old "tall tales" numbers for the 20. I do think that putting the 'happy birthday' vertically in the zero is somewhat inspired, even if I do say so myself!!!
He liked the card, but probably liked the cash that was inside it more.

I would like to point out the gorgeous sunflower in the background. My kindergarten friends planted these from seeds, and they are just now fully blooming! The stems are about 8 feet tall, and the flowers are easily the size of a dinner plate. I will be seeing some of my students later today, and I thought they would enjoy seeing the fruits of their labors.


cusdnurse said...


I did not even know that you had this website. I love it. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas (kindergarten teachers just seem to have those special talents!

kate wallace said...

Too cute!