Monday, June 6, 2011


Submitted by Linda
This beautiful kid-made art is our interpretation of Kandinsky's concentric circles.
At our school we do a "thank you" event for our volunteers, and this year, we did "Thanks a Latte" theme and provided breakfast goodies with nice coffee and juices. Our entire staff works together to decorate and provide food, and my role was to create an inexpensive gift to give the folks who come.
Michelle and I made these together both for her school event and mine, and they consist of a post-it pad encased in a cute cover, which closes with velcro. The design on the top says "heartfelt thanks". Between the two of us, we made 130 gifts. And fortunately, we made them weeks ago, so we were ready to go!
I think the colors are fun and springy, and were made of the retired SU cardstock colors. Our people really enjoyed the event, and seemed to enjoy their gift! Nothing says love like a gift made with velcro (Ha!)!

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