Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tin-O-Tags 2011

Submitted by Michelle
Back in January I wrote an entry about gumballs and Valentine's gifts and mapping out a year long plan for stamping. So far, Linda and I have stuck to the plan and it has worked like a charm. We've had presents for our friends, students and volunteers made way before they were needed, and we were able to create each project in a calm and sensible manner knowing we weren't working on a short deadline.

And now, on the last day of May, I am happy to say that we have finished our Christmas tags! They won't be needed for 6 more months but it is such a pleasure knowing that come December we will have them at the ready. We've been working on the tags since January and we are planning to give away 100 tins, each containing 9 tags each. That means we have 900 tags made. It seems like an insane number, but when you work at something a little bit at a time, a massive job can be made do-able. Here's a peek at all our tags for Christmas 2011.

Linda made this one. The little bell is embossed in silver and there is a "To" and "From" stamped on the back.
My friend Heidi made this tag last year using different colors. I copied her idea.
Linda made this tag over the memorial day weekend and since we weren't in a rush (thanks to our well thought out plan!) she was able to emboss the Merry Christmas and glitter up the snowflakes at a leisurely pace.
I made this tag (and blogged about it) over the memorial day weekend.
Christmas isn't complete with a gingerbread man!
I made this highly embossed tag way back in January.
This vintage inspired tag was Linda's January creation. It took her a long time to watercolor each girl and add liquid applique to the fur on her hat and dress.
Linda made this tag at some point and I didn't even know about it! It shows you what a worker bee she can be when she has a plan and a deadline.
This silver tag is a bonus for the tin. I made them quite easily on the big shot using an embosslit die. We included it in last year's tin too.
Now that our Christmas tags are done we can start brainstorming ideas for our Christmas cards! After all, we only have 208 days to get them done!

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Linda and Michelle said...

Just looked at the post again, and I think those tags are so cute! I can't wait to give them away!