Thursday, April 14, 2011

Welcome Baby Sawyer!

Submitted by (Great Aunt) Linda
Remember this? (Click here to view Courtney's shower)
Well, Baby Sawyer finally arrived on time, despite his early labor and breech position! Courtney has been a big part of our lives since she was in our wedding, and then became a 'nanny' to our two boys. As a little girl, she loved babies, and was an amazing babysitter. As other kids have joined our family, I have often told my boys that their job is to keep the little kids happy, as payback for all the times Courtney entertained them.

As time marches on, I love how things can go full circle. Here is Courtney with Tommy as a Toddler........
...and here is grown-up Tommy holding her precious newborn, just one day old.
In this picture, Courtney is on the far right, holding my Baby Nicholas, with her sisters Tiffany (who is now a mommy of two), and Kari, who just presented her APU senior art exhibit.
...and here is grown-up Nick holding Baby Sawyer!
Great Aunt Linda finally got a turn. I think he is positively yummy!

We had a laugh over this next picture being our Christmas card pic....but it looks like 40-something Linda and 50-something Craig had a late-in-life baby! I think we'll just enjoy Sawyer and save the hard work of raising babies for the next generation.
I completely forgot to take a picture of the proud parents with Sawyer.....but isn't that how it is when a beautiful baby enters the world?

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Jeremiah said...

That would be a great Christmas card!