Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Veined: Kari's Art Show

Submitted by Linda
I had the privilege of attending my niece Kari's senior solo art exhibition at Azusa Pacific University last week. APU is near and dear to my heart as an alum, but also as someone who has many family members who are on staff , or are students (including my two darling boys). Back in the day (doesn't that make me sound old?) when I was a student, the art program was very limited, and certainly didn't offer degrees in a wide range of mediums. I love to see such great progress in my alma mater, and also the growth of a beloved niece.

Here is a glance back at the old days. Kari was the cousin closest in age to my boys, so they share lots of memories, including this one at Newport Beach.
Here is the entrance to her exhibit, entitled Veined:
Kari's emphasis is on textiles (I love textiles!) and she created her own fabric using threads and yarns and laces. She worked on it for about 6 months.
It draped all around the room, and sections of it were very different. In ways, it was chronological (Kari could point out good times and bad, based on her designs), but it also represented the bigger concept of living in community with others, and how our lives intertwine.
This explanation was written on the wall out of yarn and lace. I love the concept of being woven together with others!
Here's Tommy and his 2nd cousin Zeke, enjoying all the fibers.
Congrats Kari! We are all so proud of you!....and keep on creating!

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Tira J said...

Kari had the best Art exhibition out there! She did such a great job, and she is near and dear to my heart too. xoxo