Monday, April 4, 2011

Cuteness Unlimited

Submitted by Michelle

On Sunday Carrie and I traveled to nearby Redlands to attend a card making class at Collective Journey, one of our favorite crafting stores. It was taught by the super creative Andi who is the queen of distressed edges and layered vintage looks. We made 6 cards and they are all SO incredibly cute that I can't really pick a favorite. And I was so inspired by her creations that I broke my own "no contraband stamps or supplies" rule and purchased several non-Stampin' Up items!!!!

I've adored this pennant card from a far for a long while. Andi made it for a class she was teaching in March that I couldn't attend but then used it in her April class instead. Yay! I've not seen another stamp set (yet) that has a pennant banner in it so I busted out of my Stampin' Up box and bought the set from American Crafts this morning. I just had to have it and I think the squiggly lines will be divine on many different types of cards.
Andi has a knack for incorporating her own, beautiful handwriting on her cards. I usually try to get her to do the writing for me, but I felt brave yesterday and thought my own penmanship might be good enough for the "you are my sunshine" part on the sun.
This card takes my breath away. All the different layers and textures are amazing.
The "peep" style bunny on this card won my heart over and I HAD to purchase the die cut for it, even though it wasn't Stampin' Up. I have big plans to copy the layout of this card and create some Easter treats for family and friends.
I couldn't get over the cuteness of the old school flashcard on this card so I went ahead and bought a full set. They are made by October Afternoon and Linda is going to die when she sees them. (She has a weakness for all things vintage.)
This card incorporates it's own stand!
I think the built in stand technique must be all the rage because I've been seeing it other places too.
I'm so excited to have new spring cards to add to my collection. Now I just have to figure out which lucky people in my life get to be the recipients of them.

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