Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

Submitted by Michelle
Gourmet food and musical theater are two of my favorite indulgences. I love both the partaking and sharing of them with others, especially Celeste. As many of you know, Celeste was not much of a gourmand when she was younger, subsisting mainly on a steady diet of chicken McNuggets and french fries, but I have since helped her develop a palate for the finer foods in life including pasta with pesto, parmesan cheese and pine nuts, among other things. Along with her good taste in food, I have also helped her develop a love for musical theater. We've seen mostly amateur productions of shows but every now and then we've been able to see Broadway productions at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. Most recently we went to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
Linda always comes with us, as she is a lover of musical theater and good food too. This time around we also brought Celeste's mom Lisa, and Rachel, another front row friend.
Rachel, Lisa, Me, Linda, Celeste

And, we even convinced Mr. Wark to come along!
Everyone loved the show and afterward we walked a few blocks down Hollywood Blvd. to a restaurant called Lucky Devils where the food is made from organic ingredients and locally grown produce.
The artisan burgers are served on brioche buns and the pizza is grilled over a wood fire. We had no problem gobbling down our meals and thus I only took 1 photo to share!
Celeste and I got a kick out of the sign directing us towards the bathroom.
I'm excited for the return of Wicked in November and can't wait to introduce Celeste to the story behind the Wizard of Oz.
Like all celebrities, we can never resist a photo on the red carpet!


Cheryl D said...

Wicked?!? Are we invited?

Linda and Michelle said...

But of course! I think Tyler and Regan would love it.