Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Little "Happy"

Submitted by Linda

"Two may talk together under the same roof for many years, yet never really meet; and two others at first speech are old friends."
Mary Catherwood

My dear Front Row Friend Heidi is someone with whom at 'first speech' we were old friends. One thing we discovered right away, was that we both possess the love-language of gift giving. Years ago when we started meeting for lunch or tea or fun, we both would have a little treat for each other, and if it wasn't a "happy birthday" treat or "happy Easter" treat, it would just be a little "happy" something. Since then, we both use the term "a little happy" as a noun to describe little gifts for loved ones, just because.

A true southern California girl, Heidi met and married a wonderful man who has deep roots in Chicago. So 13 years ago, she moved across the country to marry him and set up house (actually to transform his bachelor pad) in the windy city. You may remember my visit to Chi-town last May, when I raved about her darling playhouse in her backyard.

This Christmas, Heidi's husband surprised her with a gift of a trip to SoCal to see some of her California friends. He coordinated it on the sly, via email and such, and arranged it so that she visited a few different friends over the course of a long weekend. All she had to do was get on the plane and relax. As a mom of 4 small children, you can imagine how Heidi needed a nice getaway!

When Heidi arrived at my house, it was as if time had never passed since we'd been together. Don't you love that about old friends? We talked about how in some of life's seasons, finding good friends sometimes feels like a barren wasteland. And then when you connect with someone, you realize what a gift a good friend is.

The better part of one's life consists of his friendships.
Abraham Lincoln

Heidi and I had about 24 hours together for my portion of her visit, and I intended to have it be all about her. But as we were visiting and catching up in my kitchen, we began to talk about some changes I'd like to make with fabrics and kitchen window treatments. Next thing I knew, our plan was to visit Calico Corners in Pasadena to help me choose fabrics. I wouldn't say home decor is a strength of mine, so I was so grateful for her willingness to help. She insisted it was fun for her! We were there for just minutes when she had pulled together fabrics I love.
Next stop was the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. Back when Heidi lived here, we went often for the delicious tea at the Rose Garden Tea room on the fabulous grounds of the estate. We were glad to find a few roses blooming in early January.
After tea, I showed her the new Chinese Garden, and I had to snap a pic of the roof line of this wall.
This was our view of the Japanese Garden as we sat on a bench to chit-chat and catch up.
Here we are together....
Heidi's back in the true winter of Chicago now, but we are both warmed by the old memories, and the opportunity to be together. And of course, we both had a little 'happy' for each other!

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Heidi Walsh said...

What a gift to read about our delightful visit on your awesome blog! Thanks for sharing and for being the kind of friend that is worth keeping close forever! You really are a blessing!!! I'm already at work on our next visit when you come my way and I take you to "the farm." It will absolutely give you something to blog about - and I'll have a "lil happy" waiting for you! Love you sweet and fun-filled friend! Heidi