Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Day in the Magic Kingdom

Submitted by Linda
I know that I often blather on and on about what a pleasure it is to work in the community where I live. I think I've mentioned that my life happens in a 'two mile radius', which in southern California is quite an anomaly. It's true that my trips to the gas station are few and far between, yet, the biggest benefit of working, living, and attending church within my 'two mile radius' is the connections I make with families and kindergartners. It somehow feels like a small town, or a bygone era, when I have relationships with kids that go beyond the classroom. I have a long history with my friend pictured below. Her parents are alumni of APU, and her daddy works with Craig there. I once babysat Grace when she was about 2ish, and she was very savvy in her strategies to not be put to bed. This past fall, she joined my kindergarten, and I began stalking her mom about joining them at Disneyland sometime.

My wish finally came true on our recent MLK, Jr. holiday. As a mom of teenage boys (insert your own conception of boy smells and rude sounds here), what could be better than a "girls day" with a petite chatterbox who insisted on holding my hand all day and sitting by me on every ride?
We arrived shortly after they opened at 8 am, and managed to ride 12 rides before we left at 2ish. I think that may be a record for me! One treat was seeing "Small World" all decked out for Christmas. For all these years, I've seen the outdoor decorations, but who knew that they transformed the entire interior as well, alternating between the tunes of "dashing through the snow" and "it's a small world"? I didn't! And it was pretty amazing!
When my boys were little and we had Disney passes, on the way we would always wonder if we would see anyone we knew there that day. I asked Grace the same question......and then we ran into Connor and Makenna!
Grace's 1st choice for her ride was "Silly Symphonies" Swings at California Adventure. While we were at that end of the park, we rode the giant ferris wheel....
...posed for a picture in the Toy Story toy box......
...admired the landscaping (this time it was Iceland poppies!)....
...and rode King Triton's Carousel. Grace chose this dolphin because at school, she is a "Sumner Dolphin"! I love the picture with her mom, Karen, who was so gracious to let me monopolize her daughter all day.
I think Grace captured my thoughts exactly when she prayed a blessing over our lunch: "Dear God, thank you for Mommy, and Mrs. Wallace, and that we can have a 'girl's day'. Amen".

I think working and playing with 5 year olds somehow eases the melancholy of sending my own boys off to college. There really is something magical about a little hand holding yours at the happiest place on earth. I was so excited that day, I may have been a bit wacky. Hopefully I behaved myself enough to be invited again sometime.

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Danice said...

Oh, I love your passion for the job God has gived you for!!! How I would LOVE for my little ones to all have Mrs. Wallace for their first year of school! Your students are blessed, and so it seems are you :)