Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cure for the Winter Blues

Submitted by Linda
I am one of those crazy people who loves Christmas. I know most people like Christmas, and a lot of people love Christmas, but I really really love love love Christmastime. Maybe even more than the actual Christmas Day, I enjoy the process of Christmas. The advent season at church reminds us to prepare our hearts for Christmas, and I immerse myself in the other preparations as well. It may be as fun (or more fun) for me to make my lists and check them twice, than the actual Christmas day. Picking out and/or creating gifts, wrapping, baking, planning meals - it's all at the top of my "favorite things to do in December" list.

And though I do enjoy a clean and clutter free house in January, the post-Christmas blues hit me when the trees are bare and the roses are cut back. All of a sudden, there's no color in the yard, and my fun December is now a memory. Thank goodness I don't live where winter is more of a reality, and the growing season is truly dormant.

My DH (dear husband) is more than willing to plant anything, as long as I help him choose plants. I had mentioned that when our planters need refreshing (in other words, when the stuff we planted in spring is totally trashed), I would love to have decorative kale and primroses. And don't we love it when our men listen?

Shortly thereafter, I came home to this planter in the front of my picture window:
And these three pots are in the driveway by my back kitchen door:
I get happy just pulling into my driveway each day after school!
So far, I've kept my January blues at bay. I think Craig should be thankful that kale and primroses keep me happy!


Catharina said...

To Do List for January:
Item #1: Plant decorative kale.


Liz Leahy said...

How lovely! I especially like your photograph of the kale - gorgeous! Great job Craig!