Monday, November 15, 2010

Wild and Wacky Wallace Weekend

Submitted by Linda
So I totally swiped this post title from my niece Tiffany's blog. She posted that we Wallaces aren't too wild or wacky, but that we are a lot of fun to be around. So true! Usually our extended family goes to Oakglen for a day of apple fun, but this year, Tiffany and her sisters planned a wonderful weekend away in Big Bear.

You may remember my post this summer about visiting the National Parks in Utah and Arizona, and being ashamed of myself for not having gotten there sooner. Well, I felt the same sort of shame when I saw what a treasure Big Bear is, and so close to home! Look at these colorful leaves!
..and these....
..and this lovely glimpse of the lake from the quaint downtown.
Even the green leaves looked so pretty pressed up against the truck window.
Tommy got a nice view when he climbed Castle Rock with some of his cousins and Aunt Renee.
And here's a nice view of Tommy!
I couldn't resist a pic of these cute chairs outside the candy store! I need some of these in kindergarten!
The best part of the weekend was extended time with our loved ones. Thought most of our family is local, we all lead busy lives, and don't see each other as often as we like. Also, this year marked the 5 year anniversary of Grandpa Tom's homegoing to heaven. Besides eating some amazing meals, playing games and laughing a ton, we were able to share stories and memories of Tom. Here's my Tommy with Grandma Ginger.
I love this picture of my niece Courtney and my nephew (in law) Jeremiah. Don't they look so happy? Here are more happy faces....Tiffany...
...Kari with baby Olive.
As for the wacky part- one thing these cousins all do is mix up the families and take new (fake) family pictures, just to confuse people! Hilarious!
Here's the group shot!
I would say the weekend was a huge success. I'm hoping we can get another Wallace getaway on the books for next October!


Tiff said...

Oh, so fun! What a great weekend!

Courtney said...

Josiah and Olive, it was fun while it lasted! :)