Friday, November 26, 2010

Kitchen Chandelier Garland

Submitted by Linda
Over Veteran's Day weekend, Craig and I were in Mesa, Arizona, visiting my parents for a fun relaxing weekend of eating, playing cards, and shopping at Hobby Lobby! While we were at their home, I was glancing at my mom's copy of Country Woman magazine, when I came across this photo. I immediately fell in love with the garland draped around the kitchen chandelier.
Well, back in California, I finally took up my friend Sandy on her offer to introduce me to Shinoda, a wholesale floral supply in Orange County. I'm one of those people who loves Christmas decor, and even if I don't buy anything, I like to know what's available, what's new, and what's 'goin' on' in the world of Christmas decorations. Here I am just inside the entrance:
The endcaps are decorated with different themes, giving ideas and inspiration.
I did end up finding some great garland, and I wanted some artificial apples to go in it. Seriously, there were about 50 different sizes and varieties of fake apples!
Many of you may remember my post about being a Ribbon Junkie - this was just a small portion of what was available.
Just in case you ever need the big Santa chair, here is where to buy it. It was about $900 wholesale!
I fit my purchases into 'Lil Red', and Sandy and I snapped this happy photo before we parted ways.
And here is my garland project.......
I think the fake pomegranates and oranges with cloves look great!
Now that my project is done, I get to enjoy it all through the season!


Gail Wallace said...

I like yours better than the one in the magazine photo!

Anonymous said...

will you make me one too? It's adorable and i bet the cloves smell delightful!

Debby Van Setten said...

I didn't mean to "anonymous" in my comment