Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Celeste!

Submitted by Michelle
Photos courtesy of the Laurie Pike, amateur photographer, talented teacher and Front Row Friend of 10 years

Celeste will celebrate her 9th birthday this month whilst I am on my mini-break in New York. Since she has brought so much joy to my life, I thought a proper birthday tea party was in order, even if it had to be a bit early. I love throwing parties, especially with the help of my front row party planning friend Linda. Two heads are always better than one and Linda has such great ideas and can be the voice of reason when I am going overboard. As we planned Celeste's party, Linda had to reign me in several times, reminding me that we were working on a child's tea party, not the Queen of England's.
Linda was in charge of the tablescape. With her linens and glassware and my Laura Ashley china she was able to set a beautiful table. She even splurged on cutely decorated sugar cubes from Barbara Cheatley's.
Linda also contributed tea cup and teapot napkin rings and I made place cards for all the guests.
Celeste invited several of her school friends as well as my niece and nephew, Anna and Max.
Also at the party were other Front Row Friends. Carrie and her daughter Samantha came to join in the fun.
Lisa, Celeste's mom was there, of course!
And even my brother Michael stayed and helped keep things running smoothly.
Linda and I gave a mini-lesson on proper tea party etiquette, including taking the No Thank You bite so as not to offend one's hostess.
On the menu were 3 different tea sandwiches: egg salad and chicken salad, Celeste's favorites, and peanut butter and jelly, the favorite of any kid. Along with the sandwiches we served grapes. Scones came next and the kids really enjoyed the dollop of freshly whipped cream that went along with them.
The final course was cupcakes and cookies, accompanied with the singing of Happy Birthday!
After lunch the kids decorated and assembled their own treat cans. This was a truly inspired idea of Linda's. Who knew kids would have so much fun with foam stickers, pastel shred, and knick-knacks from Wal-Mart?
Celeste opened her presents and we enjoyed some final conversation at the table, with a little more tea of course.
The party was a huge success and it warmed my heart to see Celeste being the center of attention and enjoying herself so much. Laurie did an amazing job capturing all the special moments at the party, even the silly ones.
And Linda worked side by side with me the entire time.
Nothing says love like throwing a party for a special someone, granted you have the help of some front row friends.


Kathleen said...

What a fun party, Michelle! I could feel the love just looking at the pics.

Patsy said...

Adorable! Maddy is still talking about the fun she had. Thank You.

kate wallace said...

Wow! Celeste is growing up so fast! She looks beautiful!!!