Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Phantom of the Opera

Submitted by Michelle

In early October Celeste and I took a little road trip to Los Angeles for her first experience with professional musical theatre. Along with our Front Row Friends Linda, Carrie and Carrie's daughter Samantha (or Sis as we like to call her), we made the trek to the Pantages Theatre to watch The Phantom of the Opera. Thanks to Carrie, who ordered the tickets for us many months ago, we had excellent seats and Celeste was able to see everything from the falling chandelier to the boat ride through the misty river. Though we could not take photos inside the theatre, we did get a good picture of all of us in the lobby.
Linda, me, Celeste, Carrie and Sis

There was a huge crowd for the Saturday matinee, but that didn't stop us from holding up traffic on the sidewalk and snapping a few fun photos.
Linda actually sat down on the sidewalk to take these!
After the show we ate dinner at Mario Batali's pizzeria, Mozza. I am a huge Mario fan and I was so happy to introduce my friends to his amazing food.
Celeste isn't big on pizza, but she was quite happy when we ordered dessert: chocolate gelato.
Beauty and the Beast is coming to the Pantages in the Spring and I am fairly certain there will be another all girl road trip in our future.

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Carrie said...

Love your post! What a great day we had! Lots of laughs and craziness!