Sunday, October 10, 2010

Make It Work!

I'm not sure how many of our blog readers watch the Bravo reality show, Project Runway, but even if you don't, you may recognize the man in the photo above from his contributions to fashion magazines and books he has published on style and fashion. He is the fabulous Mr. Tim Gunn and I was lucky enough to meet him on Saturday at a fashion show. Thanks to my friend Jennifer, I had a front row seat in the VIP section.
Jennifer enjoys beautiful clothing and handbags and she has already made the manager of our newly opened Kate Spade store her close and personal friend, which lead to our VIP status. I have long been a fan of Kate Spade and don't want to reveal how many of her purses I own, but you may remember my latest acquirement from this blog post. I've made many pilgrimages to the Kate Spade store in Manhattan so you can only imagine my excitement when during the summer I learned her store was being built in the desert. This picture of her store on El Paseo (the desert's version of Rodeo Drive) isn't the best, but the neon signage in the front window says, "She is quick and curious and playful and strong." I like to think that I fit that description most of the time.
The fashion show included clothing and accessories from Lucky Brand, Juicy Couture and Kate Spade.
Tim and his assistant narrated the show and talked about how some of the looks would translate for women who do not have a model sized body.
Here Tim is extolling the virtue of a belt and how it breaks up the look. He also pointed out that jeggings (denim leggings) should only be worn by women have the body of this model.
I love, love, love, polka dots so this coat was right up my alley.
The most important thing Tim had to say was, whatever your age or body type, one needs to wear clothing that fits one's own personal style. Following fashion trends is a nice concept, but not everything works on everyone. Being conscious of proportion and silhouette, and keeping in mind that the body should be divided into thirds is key to looking good.

The thirds concept is simply this: a woman should divide herself from shoulders to waist, waist to knee, and knee to feet. Shirts should be tucked in, skirts should either fall just above the knee or just below the knee and belts are a huge help when wearing something that can't be tucked in. I don't own many belts and I often wear my shirts untucked for the sake of comfort, but as Tim said, "If you want to be comfortable, stay in bed!" I'm planning to give his thirds suggestion a try this week.
A minor celebrity at the show was Michael Costello, a current contestant on Project Runway and Palm Springs native.
Jennifer and I also made a new friend whilst sitting in the front row. We hit it off with Candice right away and it turns out she and Jennifer have several mutual friends.
As VIP's we also received a bag of swag, as Jennifer calls it. In the bag was an autographed copy of Tim's latest book Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making it Work, new fragrances from Kate Spade and Juicy, bracelets from Monet, and other fun presents. Not a bad way for a kindergarten teacher to spend a Saturday afternoon

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Michelle, thanks for sharing this great experience. I read our local paper this morning and it did not capture the moment nor the information that your article did. I will certainly be more mindful of the 3 essential areas of focus.