Saturday, September 25, 2010

Run, Run, as Fast as You Can!

Submitted by Linda
Every September, it seems like I fall off the face of the earth, because school has started. All you teachers out there know how time consuming it is to start a school year. I love the beginning of school, though, because I get a fresh start also. I have the professional privilege of refreshing and upgrading my curriculum, adding new things, and changing things that haven't worked so well. And it's pretty amazing what my kindergarten friends have learned in 17 school days: bathroom and drink signals, seating assignments, color groups, classroom expecations and routines, and so on.

Every year, on the 2nd week of school, our theme is the Gingerbread Man. I know it's hard to believe, but he ran away again this year. I wish you all could experience the excitement in my classroom when his clues lead us to the office, nurse's office, computer lab, library, our big buddy class, and finally the principal's office. By the end of the week, the students know the important people on campus, and can find their way to places they will need to go throughout the year. (Coincidence? I think not!)

When we finally find him, after an excruciatingly long week of looking, Mrs. Wallace forces each student to pose for a picture with the G-Man before we eat him up. Here are a few of my friends with the Gingerbread Man:

So life is good in my classroom.

On a personal note, I'm actually really enjoying the quiet and clean life of an empty nester, except for one sort of biggish problem.....
Yes, this is our dog, Toby (by my desk at school). Toby, who we've had for 10 years, has a long history of separation anxiety (don't even ask what we've tried over the years to keep her contained). Fall is always hard for her, when her people who have been home all summer leave for the school day. This year, it's been really bad, because her beloved boys are not coming home from high school in the early afternoon each day to let her in and give her all sorts of attention. I've been trying to come home right after school, and walk her back to my classroom with me, where she happily hangs out. The only downside to this idea is that I'm seen traipsing across the park with a basket, a starbucks cup, wearing an apron, with a dog on leash. I worry that I'm quickly becoming one of those quirky, eccentric teacher types (this does not support the "Kindergarten Goddess" image I'm trying to promote!)

Over the years when the boys attended my elementary school, she had been known to bust out of chain link, hop an 8 foot block wall to cross the park to come over to our school (where she was lovingly reinforced by 500 elementary kids). Though she hasn't done this in years, last Friday I was surprised to learn that she was on campus. The picture above is her happily snoozing, after being my "show and tell" to 22 very excited kindergartners. She was perfectly happy laying by my desk, tied up with a jump rope.

I'm hoping she will start behaving herself soon, or we will have to think about sharing her with another family. If only she could be my class mascot....


Carissa said...

You are such a fun teacher Linda!! I hope my daughter has a teacher like you in a few years!!! Is that Caleb Settles?!?! Poor Toby!

Brandon's Mommy said...

Oh Linda...You will ALWAYS be a kindergarten goddess!! Your cute pictures made me miss that room! Hope things settle for you and your cute doggy. :)