Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Kind of Party ( Part III)

Submitted by Linda
You may remember my post one year ago about our annual family gathering in Carls'good'. (That's Michelle-speak for Carlsbad!) If you'd like to look back at that party, click here. Well, as usual our warm and welcoming Carlsbad cousins hosted an event to remember. This year's theme was Beach Boardwalk. Notice the pool chairs, towels, and beach balls ready for guests.
I was happy to see my own boys there, since they have been 'away' at college for a few weeks. (By 'away', I mean, that they live on campus at APU, which is a 15 minute drive from our home.) Here's Tommy's usual 'grab the camera and shoot' photo.
Here's Nick with cousins Matt and Jeff, and Baby Olive (or "O-Joy" as Aunt Faith says). Olive is sporting her first dress made of the Wallace Plaid. For a look at her mom's blog about the dress, click here.So let's talk about the food! What I love about our hosts is that they cater the meal, so that they can visit and enjoy the party with our family members. Here is the dessert bar, which included fruit for self-skewering.
Another station, shown below, offered tacos with 3 types of grilled meat and all the fixin's, as well as burger sliders. Another station had a beautiful salad bar with grilled shrimp and chicken skewers.
One of my favorite moments was this '4 generation shot' of Craig's mom and all the girls.
Here's Nick checking in with 2nd cousin Zeke.
One of the highlights of our gathering is the opportunity to sing oldie-but-goodie hymns, and hear stories from the 'senior' family members. The Wallaces have a long history of faith, and it is really special to gather everyone in one big room and share stories and songs. Craig's brother Mark's family is super talented, and they sang an accapella version of "The Lord is My Shepherd" that was amazing!
Here's one last shot of all the cousins, and spouses of cousins. Sadly, my boys had left before this photo for the APU football game.
Well, another family reunion has come and gone. I'm grateful that our family is able to gather, at least once a year, especially in such lovely surroundings. I can't wait to hear what next year's theme will be......

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