Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Linda's Travel Journal: Part 8:Shapes and Negative Space

Submitted by Linda
My trip journal is winding down, but I couldn't resist posting these pics. In kindergarten we teach our students to draw with lines and shapes, and in my travels I kept snapping pictures of these interesting examples. In Munich, our beloved Starbucks sign is dangling from a wrought iron bird.
I like the way the arch frames this view of Vienna.
A glimpse (through wrought iron) of a circular stairway and background at the St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna.
You've already seen this one in my Prague post, but I love seeing the dusky skyline and Moldau River through this lacey fence.
And how about this bird cage at the royal summer home in Prague?
And finally, I am charmed by this window in Salzburg.
Tomorrow will be my final Europe post....stay tuned!

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