Monday, August 2, 2010

Linda's Travel Journal: Part 7: Random Groupings

Submitted by Linda
I'm not an artist, but as I continue to be a crafter, my eye lately is drawn to groups of things, and the impact a group can make in a setting. Though I've officially finished the ''travel journal" from my trip to Europe, I wanted to post these interesting groupings.

This flowerbed was in the middle of metropolitan Wenceslas Square in Prague.
In Munich, we saw beautiful breads everywhere.
What is it about bulk candy (in Munich) that makes it seem way more fun than packaged candy?
And here's another glimpse of the Christmas store in Oberammergau.
In Vienna, I was obsessed with this fruit and vegetable stand.
Look at those berries!
I love this picture of the vendor and the customer.
The next two pictures are from the European version of a 'truck stop'. Trust me, this isn't like any truck stop you've ever been in. This colorful pasta display was near the pasta bar, where a guy would cook up your pasta dish while you waited!
These beautiful desserts and berries were also among the offerings at the 'truck stop'!
As we were driving along the motorway, we saw scads of these sunflowers, all dutifully facing the sun.
Here's a closer view! See what I mean about how a group makes such an impact, compared to a single stem?
A bit more is coming...stay tuned......


Catharina said...

That photo from the Christmas shop IS art! Guess I never thought of a display as being 'art' before, but that one certainly is!

Gail Wallace said...

Wonderful! Please email me the photo of the six of us on the steps :)