Thursday, August 5, 2010

Linda's Travel Journal: Final Edition

Submitted by Linda
Here's one last look at our hotel in Oberammergau. I still can't get over those amazing flowers!

So, beyond what I've already mentioned in my Dachau post and my Passion Play post, I've ended up with a few "take aways" from my wonderful trip.

1. Get out of my radius! Though I'm so blessed to work, shop, and attend church in my 2 mile radius, I feel inspired to get out more and see things. I don't need to be in Vienna to attend a great concert, or see some wonderful art or history. Knowing Claremont, I can probably find some wonderful culture right here within my radius! And how silly that I rarely get to LA or Pasadena, where art and music are readily accessible. Let me know if you'd like to plan an outing sometime!

2. Don't ask for the check! On our trip, we realized that going into a cafe to buy a cup of coffee (or Coke Light) wasn't about the drink, but more about 'renting' the table for awhile. We were never rushed by wait staff, and they usually took a much longer time than we're used to, to serve us. Even after we'd been there for quite some time, and our meal was done, they seemed surprised if we asked for the check. This aligns with my recent revelation that I want to slow down, enjoy meals more, especially that time after dinner when everyone's tummies are happy and the conversation is sweet.

3. Take a tea break in the afternoons! This one I borrowed from my new travel friend, Cindy. She has always done this, as an all-star homemaker and mother of four grown children. I love tea, and I sip it all day long, but I really am determined to start sitting down to refresh for a few minutes before I continue "powering through" my work, both at school and at home. I sometimes feel like I'm rushing around all the time, forcing myself to comply with self-imposed deadlines. And I think that those self imposed deadlines often keep me task-oriented rather than people-oriented.

This past school year has been super busy for me, and I found myself over-committed in many areas of my life. It's funny how we learn this the hard way, by making ourselves crazy trying to keep too many plates spinning. So prior to going on the trip, I had been really doing some soul-searching about slowing down, saying 'no' more, so that I can be effective in my job and with my family. My new European mentality completely aligns with my "slow down, take care of myself, and quit 'powering through'!"

Here's one parting photo, of me at a cafe in Oberammergau, where I'm leisurely enjoying my first ever Cappuccino (hard to believe, I know)! I'm holding my friend "Flat Stanley", with some happy-face sugar packets.
Now that I'm home, I'm hoping I can continue my new European mind set, and make choices that will help me live a balanced life which allows me to be both effective and content.


Susan Rikimaru said...

Linda - I love your "take aways"; all things I am trying to work on too!

Debbie Gottuso said...

You brought home some valuable souvenirs! We are blessed to have so much with in a 30 minute driving time. I need to get out of my 2 mile radius as well. Great reminders, Thanks!