Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Homemade Life

Submitted by Michelle

Recently I was in Border's bookstore and though I am not really a book buyer anymore - I try to be thrifty and borrow books from the library - I got suckered into the "buy 1 get 1 for 50% off" deal. I'm not sure what came over me. Maybe it was a weak moment. Maybe I was feeling especially nostalgic for my younger days when I spent money like it grew on trees. I'd like to say it was a move to support my literacy program that I am pushing in kindergarten this year. Whatever it was, I came home with 2 books, A Homemade Life being one of them.

The title alone sold me on the book and then the part about "stories and recipes from my kitchen table" closed the deal. What could be better than a book that combines cooking and homemaking, two of my favorite pasttimes? It wasn't until I was curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and reading the introduction that I realized the author of the book is also the author of one of my favorite blogs!!! I guess I missed the part of the title that says, "The Creator of Orangette." It must have been destiny that lead me to Borders that day and it must have been fate that I picked up this lovely book.

Molly Wizenberg writes about growing up in a family that loves to cook and eat. Each chapter revolves around a family member, often Wizenberg's father, and loving tells of a recipe that the family member enjoyed. At the end of every chapter is the aforementioned recipe. I've only read the first 5 or 6 chapters and already I've been inspired to get into the kitchen.

Just like Wizenberg I am not a huge fan of banana bread, but when she wrote about a recipe from a childhood friend that combines chocolate chips and candied ginger within the banana bread I had to give it a whirl.
candied ginger
(you'll find it in the store with the dried fruits)

The recipe is super simple. Combine the dry ingredients and then add them to the wet ingredients.

Pour it all into a loaf pan and bake.
The end result is a golden loaf that combines the sweetness of bananas and chocolate with the spice of ginger.
Today my friend Cheryl issued a challenge to read as many books possible from September 1 2010 - September 1, 2011. I've decided to join the cause and I'm stoked that I've got a head start with A Homemade Life.

To view the recipe for this banana bread, buy the book and turn to page 26 or click here.


Liz Leahy said...

Michelle - I enjoyed this book as well seems a perfect fit for you and Linda :>. On a similar note, I am also really enjoying The Gentle Art of Domesticity (I'm enjoying it slowly and have only read about a third, so far. Now another book to add to your list for this year!

Tara Bilbao said...

Michelle, I thought I was done purchasing books since I recently received the Nook for my birthday, but I am going to have to go and purchase this one. I am an avid reader and spend way too much money on books that I read in a day or two. A Homemade Life looks beautiful and the subject matter is perfect. Your blog and photography are wonderful and such a joy to visit.
I have started posting what I am currently reading in the edge of my blog if you are ever looking for a book.

Anonymous said...

What a great recipe, I love banana bread and ginger. I bet they are great together. I will have to try it.

nanc' said...

Love her book! I thought the recipes were inspiring but her commentary had me in stiches. Cath' and I both read of my favorites. I follow her blog too. Wish she would write more!