Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting Out of my Radius!

Submitted by Linda

A couple of weeks ago, my parents invited Craig and me on a little road trip. In the spirit of "getting out of my radius", we said "yes!" I have lived in California since 1983, and had never visited the beautiful National Parks in Utah: Zion, Bryce, and Arches. So off we went. On Monday we drove to St. George, Utah. On Tuesday morning, we visited Zion. Here is my mom in front of the "pulpit" and "organ"....
...and here's the "Temple of Sinawava".
That afternoon we visited Bryce canyon. We were doing a lot of looking up at Zion, and more looking down at Bryce. Here's Craig and I in a silly self-portrait.
That evening, we drove to Moab, Utah. On Wednesday, we drove to Arches. This was my favorite park! Notice the rocks above my head. They seem kind of large, but not huge.
Now look! This shows how ginormous everything is!
Standing in front of the "Three Gossips".
Here's a mom-daughter shot. I like how the rocks are reflected in my parents' shiny red car!
Here is one of the famous arches, named "South Window" in "The Windows" section of the park.
After we walked up, Craig climbed up inside.
Here's the beautiful view above and behind him.
It really was breathtakingly beautiful....with very little commercialism.
Well, except this (we didn't stop).
Later that day, we drove past the town of Mexican Hat on our way to the Grand Canyon. Easy to guess how it got it's name!
We made it to the Grand Canyon Wednesday, in the late afternoon. My dad is doing a good job of holding onto my mom, so she doesn't fall into the canyon! We were able to see down into the bottom of the canyon to the "Phantom Ranch", where my parents had previously hiked down and stayed the night.
Craig is off the beaten path here, awfully close to the edge. I was a bit nervous, but he made back to the path safely.
Thursday, we drove home. We really enjoyed ourselves and I have to admit that a road trip is much more fun and relaxing when you're an adult! My visit just whet my appetite - hopefully we can go back with our boys sometime and get some hiking in.

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