Thursday, July 1, 2010

Status Update

Submitted by Michelle

It is the morning of day 3 of Tin-O-Tags. I'm calmly blogging and enjoying my coffee, relishing in the quietness of a house that is Y chromosome free. For the last few days Linda and I haven't had to listen to the noise of slamming doors, loud music or teenage boys yelling across the house at each other. No one has questioned why we like paper and ribbon and ink so much and why we continue to spend money on it. Dinner menus have been decided without considering whether or not red meat will be involved. And amazingly enough, when we wake up in the morning, the kitchen is still clean because no one has been up until 3:00 AM killing people on the X-box and making microwave pizzas. Maybe all this bliss is the reason we are cranking out massive amounts of Christmas tags. As you know, our goal is 800 tags. When I posted yesterday we had 402. Here's what we've accomplished since then.

I made 100 of these cute gingerbread men tags because Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the G-man. Linda suggested I add the heart brad and I think it is the perfect embellishment.

I also made 100 Frosty tags. Coloring his hat, nose, scarf and candy cane was the most time consuming part. Luckily, my friend Valarie stopped by for a visit and helped me out.
Linda made this tag last year and at my insistence she made it again, only she added the "believe" to it. This project took a large part of her day because the beard and mustache have a fabulous embellishment.

She used white liquid applique to make Santa's facial hair magically pop-up and add a fluffy, 3 dimensional look. She also added glitter, adhering to our longstanding belief that everything is better with glitter.
And as long as we were at it, we decided to give a Christmas cookie recipe a whirl. But that's a whole other blog entry in itself.
Our goal today is to finish our last 100 tags by noon. We are hosting a dinner party tonight for some of our favorite C-mont paper crafting peeps and we will need most of the afternoon to complete the cooking and create a tablescape that is warm, welcoming and blog-worthy, of course.

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