Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mario's Lasagna

Submitted by Michelle
On Sunday David and I will leave for a week's vacation at the beach. In preparation for the trip we've been planning menus and even making a few things in advance that freeze well so we can cook less and relax more, all the while saving money by not eating out. David had 2 meal requests: tacos and Mario Batali's Lasagne Bolognese al Forno. Tacos are his favorite and will be quite simple to make at the beach condo. Mario's lasagna, on the other hand, is extremely labor intensive so we spent one of David's days off last week working together in the kitchen.

This lasagna involves many things...

a ragu bolognese sauce made from pancetta, veal and pork,
(This is before the tomato paste is added. The color gets much redder later.)

a bechamel sauce which is made from flour, milk, and butter,
homemade spinach lasagna,
and a cheerful sous chef who likes to grate parmesan cheese!
All the components are layered together over and over again and then baked until the top is golden brown and even a little crunchy. We made 5 small containers and froze them so that we'd have some for the beach, some for at home and some to give away to a friend who recently had a baby.
I won't be blogging while I'm at the beach, but I certainly will be eating well! Don't worry though, Linda is arriving home tonight after an incredibly lengthy trip to Europe and she should have plenty of new things to post for you.

If you are up for trying Mario's Lasagne Bolognese al Forno you can find the ragu bolognese recipe here, the bechamel recipe here and the lasagna recipe here.

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