Friday, July 30, 2010

Linda's Travel Journal: Part 5: Salzburg, Austria

Submitted by Linda
Salzburg is a city with much history, in terms of mining and transporting salt, and being Mozart's birthplace. However, my favorite highlights are unrelated to Mozart or salt.

One of Craig's favorite things in Europe is eating all kinds of sausages. Here we are in Salzburg, having one with Jon and Gail, and our new friend Jeannie. It's important NOT to put it in the bread like a hot dog...the natives insist that you eat a bite of sausage, then a bite of bread.
Much to the Austrians' dismay, we Americans seem to be much more interested in the film "The Sound of Music" than the actual history of the Von Trapp family. Since I am a big fan of the movie, I did enjoy all the filming locales, but also appreciated hearing the music of the Von Trapps, and learning more about their actual lives. The next two pics are of the Mondsee Cathedral, where parts of the wedding scenes were filmed.
Part of our adventures included an evening outing to the Hellbrunn Palace. It was built in 1613 by a Bishop who had a keen sense of humor and a penchant for practical jokes, usually related to spraying people with water. I "borrowed" this picture, which shows an outdoor dining area, where, with the flip of a switch, water will shoot out of the seats onto the guests. His ideas were clever, and cutting edge for the 1600s.
Just outside the gates of Hellbrunn is the gazebo from the "I am 16 going on 17" song. It used to be unlocked for visitors, but the emergency teams of Salzburg put a halt to that after numerous calls came in for people who had broken arms or legs there. Apparently everyone wanted to take a turn skipping around those benches like Liesl did. Here I am with Gail:
This fountain can be seen in the "I Have Confidence in Me" part of the movie.
This picture shows a bit of the Mirabell Gardens, where portions were also filmed.
This beautiful cemetery was the inspiration for the scene where the Von Trapps are hiding among the tombs, though that part of the movie was filmed on a Hollywood set.
One special highlight was to visit the Eagle's Nest. After driving a narrow winding road up the mountain, we reached the Eagle's Nest, where the views were amazing. It was a gift from the Nazis to Hitler for his 50th birthday, and it remained unscathed during WWII. Then it was spared from being blown up after the war, and can now be enjoyed as a historical monument. My little paper friend, Flat Stanley, is posing at the base of a large memorial cross. (Yes, I enjoyed taking Flat Stanley on all of my adventures for a local 2nd grader- fun!)
I like this happy picture of Craig and me. Too bad we can't photoshop in our boys and call it a Christmas card pic!
Next up...Oberammergau, Germany and the Passion Play! Stay tuned....


Gail Wallace said...

I think it would be a great Christmas pic, boys or no boys! You are empty nesters, after all.... Great blog!

Linda Olive said...

It looks like you had a great trip, and it brought back lots of great memories from my trip to Salzburg a few years ago. I keep pestering my husband to go again, but first I want to visit the Trapp Lodge in Vermont. So many Sound of Music things to do!