Sunday, July 25, 2010

Linda's Travel Journal: Part 2 (Prague)

Submitted by Linda
We left Munich and went on to Prague (the Golden City), Czech Republic. It truly is a beautiful city. The picture below shows the Astronomical Clock, but possibly more interesting are the buildings just to the left of the clock (pink and white). The buildings are being restored, and what you can see is a facade of what it will look like when finished. We saw these types of facades throughout most of the cities we visited.
A close-up of the clock.....One of Prague's famous landmarks is the St. Charles bridge. Here is a self-portrait of Craig and me from the bridge. Did I mention that it was over 100 degrees while we were there? Pay attention to the tiny bit of yellow to the right of Craig's head.
Here's the bridge at sunset.... so pretty!
We beat the heat with a nice drink from Starbucks. That was one of the few places we could get an icy drink.
Here are several pics of Hradcany Castle and the St. Vitus cathedral. The buildings made such an interesting skyline!

Here is one of the windows in the cathedral. It shows Wenceslas as a little boy, before he was renamed "Charles".
Remember that teeny bit of yellow? It turns out that bit of yellow was this row of penguins at a restaurant, right on the Moldau River.
Here's the nighttime view, with the bridge in the background!
We had a great time in the Golden City. Stay tuned for Budapest............


Valerie said...

Praha is such a beautiful city and you got some amazing pictures of it, Linda!

Anonymous said...

Humm I dont remember showing you penguins - thats what i get for letting you out alone i guess.

Hope you are all well