Saturday, July 3, 2010


Submitted by Michelle

If there was a World Cup event for stamping, Linda and I would be the champions. Not only have we reached the 800 mark, we even surpassed it by 100 more tags. Yes crafting enthusiasts, we have hit 900 tags for our tins. Can you hear the drone of the vuvuzela horns? That means, all the lucky people who are gifted with a tin in December will get 9 tags instead of 8. And, since it is only July, we are planning to crank out 1 more bonus tag, rounding out our final total to 1,000 tags. Here is a look at how we reached the finish line.

As of Thursday morning we had 700 tags. Linda loved this tag that we made 2 years ago, so she got busy and made 50.
We needed 1 more 3X3 card, so I designed this sparkly gem, using the Big Shot on the card itself, giving it a textured background, and stamped, punched and glittered 50 ornaments bringing our tag total to 800 even.

This last tag was so easy, it almost seems like we cheated. The World Cup ref would definitely throw a yellow flag on this play. I used brushed silver cardstock and punched the tag out using a Sizzlit die on the Big Shot. Piece of cake! Add some red ribbon and viola, 100 more tags to add to our tally.

I know it seems like we are crazy ladies who do nothing but stamp, but we have managed to get some shopping done in Old Town Pasadena, watch the classic Funny Girl staring the iconic Ms. Streisand, and check out The Cheese Cave in the Village of Claremont.

The men of the house are due home tomorrow morning, so I'll be making my exit sometime today. I can't thank them enough for planning male bonding trips so that Linda and I could have 5 days free from belching, farting, and general disorderly conduct.

I'm a little sad that our stamping extravaganza has comes to an end, at least for now, but I'm cheered by the fact that come the holiday season I will be 1000 tags ahead of the game. And winning the imaginary World Cup of Stamping is a nice bonus too.


Heidi Riehl said...

Michelle, I love your enthusiasm for pretty things! Especially the sparkling kind of pretty things. :-) Stamp away!!

Linda and Michelle said...

Thanks Heidi!

kate wallace said...

I love that last tag! I can't believe it was the easiest!