Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Camp Clean-up": Version 2.0

Submitted by Linda
After a rigorous school year, Michelle and I have had numerous conversations about why we should have a moratorium on 'self-imposed deadlines'. I have, however, been super motivated in my "Camp Clean-Up"mode, so I have broken our self-imposed rule about self-imposed deadlines. Because I will be traveling, I decided that I should try to get the bulk of my cabinets cleaned out before I go. Part of my "Camp Clean-Up" involved a trip to the Container Store in Pasadena when Michelle was in town. I love their "Happy Organized Home" promotion. I definitely feel much more content when my life is organized.

I didn't want to bore you with too many 'before and after' pics, but I did hear from a few followers that my embarrassing pictures of my closet actually were an inspiration to them!!! So here we go!

Top shelves of kitchen pantry before....
...and after!
Bottom shelves before...
...and after!
In the process of all this cleaning, my camera died. Well, it didn't die of it's own accord, it was actually flung across the room in a fluke accident involving the two adults in our home (Craig and me!) So this next picture of my linen closet was taken with my cellphone. I had to take it, because it was so overwhelmingly horrible!
My 'after' picture was taken with my new Nikon CoolPix camera!!! Look at that space in there...and the neatly labeled tubs!
This is the bottom portion of the linen closet. Notice that I have empty space! I haven't had this much room since before we moved in.
I will have to resume my "Camp Clean-Up" after my trip. But it will be nice to return to a much more organized home.


Catharina said...

I think that this "freak accident" resulting in the death of a camera needs its own blog post!

LOVE the before and after pics!

Tiff said...

Your cupboards look amazing! We had your grilled pizzas for dinner delicious. =)

kate wallace said...

I LOVE the container store! It is the best thing ever! Great job organizing!