Saturday, June 26, 2010

End of the Road

Submitted by Michelle

My mini-break to the Central Coast has sadly come to an end. On my last morning in town I met up with my longtime friend Julia. We've known each other since the 3rd grade (!) and though we go long periods of time without seeing each other we are always able to pick right up where we left off.
As I was getting ready to depart, my little friends took a break from bicycle riding to see me off.
I had to say good-bye to vineyard views...
...and lush trees.
I'm back to palm trees...
...and rugged mountain views.
On my trip back I stayed overnight with Linda, of course! She sent me home with some roses from her garden... well as some hydrangea.
I must admit I am glad to be home. Though I enjoy traveling, I am most happy in my own space. Our front door was a welcome sight, framed in twinkle lights and grapevine.
I was full of energy upon my return so I put up Old Glory and hung my liberty banner in the dining room in anticipation of the upcoming 4th of July holiday.
And now that my traveling is done for a while, I have big plans to sit on the couch with the doggies and my husband and enjoy the pleasure of their company. I had a wonderful time on the road, but there really is no place like home.

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