Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nick's Party: Final Edition

Submitted by Linda
Well, the party came and went and hopefully a fun time was had by all! I haven't talked much about the menu for Nick's party, but now I'm finally ready to spill the beans.

As you may remember, Nick's only request was that we serve "old school" bottled sodas (cream soda, orange crush, grape crush, root beer, coke, etc.). "Old school" sodas say "backyard bbq" to me, but since every party we've ever had for the boys' birthdays seem to have been a bbq in the backyard, I was hoping to do something nicer than our usual hotdogs and hamburgers. So Michelle and I called it an "upgraded bbq" and served the following: Our family recipe for potato salad, a slaw with green and purple cabbage, carrots, peanuts and an Asian dressing, the Roll's famous baked beans, Lays chips, Michelle's grilled veggies, fried chicken and Frisella's bbq chicken. After doing a ton of cooking last year for Tommy's party, we were wise to share the load of the main dish with Frisella's!
This beautiful tray of grilled veggies was a star on our table. Like I said yesterday, I will be asking Michelle to post her "how to". Another fun treat at our party was kettle corn, complete with a scoop and popcorn bags to fill. Nick's expression doesn't look fake, does it?
Here are some of Nick's friends in the new swing! I was so pleased to see the swing in use throughout the entire party.
I asked many people for favors for this event, but one of my most important helpers is my sis in law Renee who took pictures throughout the afternoon and evening. Here is one where she appears in the picture, rather than behind the camera. It is so nice for the hostess not to worry about the pics. Plus, her camera (and skills) are way better than mine!
As for the desserts, we duplicated last year's dessert bar almost exactly: chocolate covered strawberries......
...german chocolate cupcakes....devil's food cupcakes....Ina Garten's coconut cupcakes.......my traditional sugar cookies......
...and homemade brownie bites! Don't you love that little dollop of cream cheese frosting?
Here's Nick with a bunch of his friends!
And a fun pic of me with my menu consultant and #1 worker bee!
Now, my next task is to relax a bit, and look forward to Nick's actual graduation!


Tiff said...

It was such a fun party and the food was awesome! You did a great job!

kate wallace said...

Coconut cupcakes?!?! Can I get a recipe?