Friday, June 18, 2010

Nick's Gradnight: End of an Era!

Submitted by Linda
So yesterday was our baby boy Nick's graduation day! My favorite quote as a young mother was "Days are long, but life is short." I remember those early days with two little children, some of those days were so long. But I'm here to confirm, yes, life flies by.

Here are some of Nick's fans, waiting for the graduation ceremonies to begin. Crazy Tommy is ready with his airhorn!
Nick has known both these guys since first grade, and the girls (from church) since they were elementary age. I love it that he has history with his friends!
With Janelle and Allen (9 days away from their wedding day). How many graduations do you suppose these two longtime youth leaders have attended over the years?
Now, I know that Nick's graduation is not about me, but I did something I have never done before- I had my hair put up in a fancy 'up-doo'. A neat kindergarten mommy from school came over in the afternoon and worked her magic!
She copied a picture I had found of Faith Hill with a similar updo. Don't tell anyone, but there is a 'bumpit' in there!
For those of you who don't know, CHS hosts an amazing and wonderful event for graduates and their parents after graduation. It is an elaborate dinner, with a secret location and theme, and it's a sweet time to celebrate graduation with your child. I really appreciate how they really foster the notion that this is a family celebration, and that it's not just about the graduate. Anyway, this time the theme was "A Night to Top All Others" and was a Roarin' 20s vibe. My photos in the candlelit ballroom did not do it justice, so I'm just posting Nick and I doing the 'mother-son' dance.......
...and Craig and Nick rockin' the gangsta vibe.
At midnight, the parents leave, and the students change into a comfortable clothes for a night of fun. Lucky Craig stayed all night to chaperone, while I was happily tucked into bed.

All in all, for Nick, it was a night to top all others. In a few short months I'll be blogging about being an empty nester........


kate wallace said...

That is such a cute idea! Why don't all high schools throw parties like that?!?! That is really neat. And your hair is just stunning!

Veronica said...

Yes, please do. I need to mentally prepare for this because Claudia will be leaving (God willing) to college in 3 yrs.