Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Central Coast Fun

Submitted by Michelle
Yesterday I met up with my friend Don whom I've known since the 6th grade and haven't seen since we graduated from high school 25 years ago! Don was voted Class Clown our senior year and his sense of humor has only gotten better. We ate lunch in San Luis Obispo and talked for close to 3 hours, reminiscing about junior and high school days and catching up on our major life events of the last 2 decades. Actually, Don did lots of talking and I did lots of laughing. His recollections of his shenanigans at the Central Coast Christian Academy (CCCA for short) made me wish I hadn't always been such a rule follower back in the day. Of course, I'm not sure 11 and 12 year old boys would've let me join in their fun anyway.
Don and a classic car he is restoring.

Along with my 3 hour lunch I also spent some quality time with the DeBlauws, the family that has graciously taken me in this week. Duane, the patriarch of the household, has been my friend since I was in 7th grade. We lived on the same country road as kids, attended the CCCA together and went to the same church. Duane is a structural engineer and works with his family in the construction business. Duane designed the home in which he and his family live.
Here's a few of the front..
...and from the street. My guest house is on the far right.
And this is the gigantic driveway that never requires the need for reverse.

To show my appreciation for the fine (and free) accommodations I've been enjoying this week, I offered to cook dinner for the family. Regan was eager to help, especially when I suggested we pick vegetables from their garden to add to the salad.
She also gladly assisted me in the kitchen with making meatballs to go with our spaghetti dinner.
She may look Dutch, but based on her meatball rolling skills, I think she might have a bit of Italian in her.
After seeing all the fun Regan and I were having in the kitchen the boys decided to join in when it came to cookie making time.
Graham helped me mix the dough.
Regan put her newly learned meatball rolling skills to good use and helped roll the dough into balls.
Tyler and Graham then coated the dough balls in a mix of cinnamon and sugar and viola, Snickerdoodles!
With just 1 day of my mini break left I plan to pack in lots of fun with my family and friends. I'll give you an update soon.

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