Friday, June 11, 2010

Mini Card Holder

Submitted by Linda
Back in March, I was able to get away to LaQuinta for a birthday weekend of crafting with Michelle. One of our goals was to create a treat for our parent volunteers, well before the end of the school year when things are super busy. We were also hoping to use up our stash of Summer Picnic designer series papers. Michelle worked her magic, and created a mini card holder that holds 4 3x3 cards and envelopes, using the Summer Picnic and coordinating stamps. Together we formed an assembly line and made about 30 sets!

I just pulled out my tub from that long ago weekend. How happy for me not to need to scramble to come up with a gift that is thoughtful and yet inexpensive!
Here is one of the card holders with the 4 cards and envelopes:
Who doesn't love cherries, especially with some Crystal Effects on them to give them a glossy shine?
The shiny apple is darn cute, too!
While we had our mojo going, we made coordinating tags, using more Summer Picnic paper and dipping into Michelle's stash of contraband ribbon.
Don't be shocked, but I wrapped mine in a cello bag with shred!
Seriously, my job is so much easier because of the wonderful parent helpers that come in each week to work centers, check in homework, and prepare materials. The least I can do is create a fun handmade gift for each of them!


kate wallace said...

I LOVE the apple stamp!!!

Catharina said...

The cherries are SOOOOOOOO cute.

Catharina said...

And also....this makes me REALLY miss my craft time.

Linda, thanks for helping me see that I need to enjoy all of these moments while she's small, take TONS of pictures, and know that all too soon I'll have tons of time to craft while she's too cool to hang with Momma.