Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mini-Break to the Central Coast

Submitted By Michelle
Bright and early on Monday morning Linda helped me drop off my Volvo at Claremont Auto Care (for some much needed auto care) and I rented this spiffy Volkswagen Jetta to cruise the 101 North to the Central Coast.
The views were mighty different along the road. I'm not used to seeing the ocean or rolling hills speckled with oak trees.
I made it to Nipomo, a smallish town just about 20 miles south of San Luis Obispo, and checked into the DeBlauw Bed & Breakfast a.k.a. the home of childhood friend who graciously lets me stay in his guest house whenever I am in town.
Here's a little peek into where I'll sleep for the week.
I won't have any trouble getting comfy here!
The weather is a pleasant 68 degrees! So nice to have a door open and fresh air.

This is the view out my french doors...
and out of my front door.

The main purpose of my trip is to visit my younger brother Kevin and his 3 daughters. It is also a chance for me to see childhood friends as well as my parents who are also in the area as they are RV-ing this summer trying to escape the heat of the desert.
My first night in town the family got together at the Santa Maria Elks Lodge for dinner. They have a relatively small camp ground where my parents are staying so we got in on homemade beef stew, mac & cheese, and salad.
Here's my dad and Emma (my youngest niece) posing with the elk.

On Tuesday I had quality time with all 3 of my nieces. They humored me and were good sports as we drove around Arroyo Grande (another semi-smallish town south of San Luis Obispo) checking out all my old haunts and driving by my high school alma mater. Here are a few things we saw during our day:
This is new...
as is this bandstand. It reminds me of a scene out of The Music Man or Pollyanna.
The houses in the village of Arroyo Grande have not changed much.
Though some have gotten a little more interesting.

A trip to the village would not be complete without a walk on the swinging bridge.
The bridge literally swings, especially if you give it some help by jumping on it and trying to sway it from side to side. Sienna, Emma and Kyla

Here's the view of the creek below the bridge.
The Eclair Bakery was not around when I was growing up, so we decided to give it a try.
Emma loved it!
We even had a star spotting.
I ended my day with some live theater. My host's children put on a puppet show of The Three Bears.
Regan, Tyler and Graham
Tyler was happy to pose for a bedtime photo with his stuffed animals and solar system.

I'm looking forward to a few more days with my friends and family before heading back to the desert. I'll keep you posted on all the fun.

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