Saturday, June 5, 2010

Middle Aged Women and Their Trophy Cars

Submitted by Michelle
Last weekend I was in Claremont helping Linda throw Nick's graduation party. It was a fun 3 days and I enjoyed cooking and laughing and hanging with my front row friend and her family.

On Monday, Memorial Day, the boys, Linda, and I went out to lunch before I headed home. On the way to lunch I noticed a message on my dashboard. Something about the electrical sensor system needing to be checked. Tommy assured me it was nothing and said as long as my car had oil and water I'd be fine. I wanted to believe him but there was no ignoring that fact that my car was having issues when I tried to accelerate at a stop light and the air conditioning cut out and I was only able to reach about 5 mph. I pulled over to the side of the street and Linda and I quickly got the owner's manual out so we could diagnose the problem.
Linda pointed out that we couldn't have had a lovelier place to break down and I had to agree. This was our view.
I tried turning the car off and restarting it, because that usually does the trick when my computer is acting up or the TV is giving me grief, only the car wouldn't restart. (Mental note: cars aren't like TV's.) Like any smart woman would do, I called the Auto Club for a tow and let a professional handle my problem.
I had to rent a car in order to get home and the nice man at Enterprise took pity on me and upgraded me from a compact car to a mid-size vehicle. He knew I had a long drive and must have sensed that I was feeling rather depressed about my car giving out on me.
When Linda took this picture of me we had a good laugh about the fact that she drives a Mini Cooper and I would be driving PT Cruiser, thus the inspiration for the title of this blog entry.

My Volvo is ready to be picked up today. Turns out I needed a new alternator, whatever that is. I'll be saying good-bye to the PT but maybe in the fall, when I plan to get a newer car, I'll look into something at little less predictable and a little more fun.

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kate wallace said...

You look so cute in that car!!!