Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grilled Pizzas

Submitted by Linda
Last Fall when Tommy left for college, I had visions of cooking a big dinner every Sunday evening and hosting bunches of kids from the dorm. I was going to be the fun, welcoming mother that would serve up yummy food and warmth to the kids away from home.

Well, Tommy's vision was not the same as mine, and he was busy on Sunday nights, hanging out with his new friends and (hopefully) studying. Finally, in late April, Craig and I had our chance. Here are Tommy and his besties.
We had a lot of laughs that night, and hopefully they felt warm and welcome. As for the menu, I decided on the ever-popular-no-fail grilled pizzas. You may remember this as one of the items served at Tommy's grad party a year ago in May '09. I figured this would be successful, since the boys could make their pizzas exactly how they like. This is an easy party food (other than a lot of chopping), and forces people to mingle as they grill their pizza.

Here's how it works:
This part should be done earlier in the day. Let your Bridgeford frozen rolls thaw. Then, putting 2 rolls together, work them in your hands with olive oil til they are nice and flat. You can see they aren't uniform. I like them that way - they look more 'artisan'.
Put them on the bbq, but only grill one side. The other side will be mostly cooked, but won't have grill marks.
Here's how they look as we take them off the grill. These are ready to serve. You will want to have olive oil on hand, for drizzling on top before grilling, and I like to offer Penzey's pizza seasoning.As for toppings, you can offer whatever you like. Pictured below, top left clockwise is cooked Italian sausage, tomatoes, pepperoncinis, fresh basil, red onion, olives, marinara sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese.
Here is the secret: Have your guests build their pizza on the GRILLED side. Then, when you put your pizza back onto the grill, it will fully cook the non-grilled side, and make your toppings blend and get all melty. Yum!
Here was Tommy's final product! (Actually, it was his first of several).
I can say with confidence that every time I have served this, folks have enjoyed themselves and the meal.

I'm hoping that next Fall, when Tommy and his friends all reconnect at college, I'll get another chance to cook for them before Spring!

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kate wallace said...

I love that you do those pizzas! They were so fun at Tom's graduation party last year!