Monday, June 21, 2010

Gift Card Bouquet!

Submitted by Linda
The end of the school year is always a special time in kindergarten, as the students have really grown up right before my eyes! This year I had a great class, and they really spoiled me at the end of the year. I was given this darling gift card bouquet, created by a group of moms who secretly collected money from the students.
On the back of each gift card, they listed the students names and the amounts on the gift card. They even included all the gift receipts in a little envelope. Here I am, admiring it in front of the kids!
As a teacher, I appreciate any kind of effort from parents to say 'thank you' for my hard work. But this gift has to be one of the cutest things I've ever received. These moms really paid attention, too, because the gift cards are for all places I love to go: Stamp Your Heart Out, Lakeshore Teacher store, Michaels, 21 Choices Yogurt, Subway, Wolfe's Gourmet Market, and Starbuck's (I had just been whining to Craig about needing a Starbuck's card!). This picture shows it close-up, without the cellophane wrap.
I'll definitely keep this in mind next time I want to do a group gift. So much fun! And a big THANK YOU to all my kindergarten friends!!!!!


Catharina said...

That is such a cute idea!!

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darling! a very cute idea ;-)