Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Grade Survival Kits "Upgrade"

Submitted by Linda
Every year at the end of kindergarten, we present our students with a 'first grade survival kit'. The items included are listed below:
We always include a book, and this year we also added a cute stretchy "class of 2010" bracelet - the kids are really into them this year. The Hershey Kiss and the penny are wrapped in a tulle circle, just like Miss Bindergarten does in her book, Miss Bindergarten and the Last Day of Kindergarten.
Now, for the upgrade! Each year at the beginning of the year, I recruit the usual parent helpers: homework check in, centers helper, prepare-work-at-home helper, and so on. I consider myself lucky if I get someone who volunteers in our garden or offers to take photos at our events. Each year, I'm so blessed by amazing volunteers who find creative ways to be helpful. One of these creative helpers is my neighbor Paula, who's son is in my class. She's done numerous things for our K team this year, but my favorite is the upgrade to our first grade kits. She had a ton of these muslin bags leftover from when she worked at a coffee house, and offered to cover the coffee logo for our kits. She gathered a team of moms, who used a Big Shot to cut out a dolphin (our mascot), and each student's initial. They then ironed all the pieces on with iron-on fusing. This team of moms made these for all 5 kindergarten classes - that's over 100 bags!!!!
I inserted the book, tied each cello bag onto the handle, attached the tag, and viola!
I think the my kindergarten friends are going to love them- I can't wait to hand them out on Thursday!


kate wallace said...

You are just the best teacher ever!

Veronica said...

If I was in Kindergarten and presented with one of these baggies that had my initial on it; I would be more than happy and would also feel extra special. This is so special and what a wonderful set of parent volunteers and alos what a GREAT teacher you are.

kelley said...

I love your survival kits!
What a great idea!