Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Christmas in June

Submitted by Michelle
I am happily writing this entry from Linda's kitchen table in Claremont. Originally, Linda was going to come to La Quinta to stamp but we quickly changed our game plan when fate smiled upon us and Tommy made plans to go to Mexico with friends and Craig and Nick scheduled a father-son fishing trip to Alaska. Translation: We can stamp in peace without having to clean up after or feed teenage boys, and we can take over Craig's man-cave in the evenings to watch our favorite chick flicks on the big screen TV rather than listening to endless sports programming. And an added bonus is that we can enjoy temperatures in the 80's rather than the 100's.

Our one and only goal whilst I'm in C-mont is to work on our Christmas Tin-O-Tags. We've been making them as presents for friends, family and classroom volunteers for several years and every year, around November, when we are cranking out oodles and oodles of tags we declare a moratorium on Tin-O-Tags and say we are going to think up a simpler project for the following year. However, we never stick to our declarations because the Tin-o-Tags is just too stinkin' cute to retire.

These are tins we've made in the past, complete with a cute belly-band around it for decoration. The tins actually are gift card holders that you can purchase at Michael's Craft store.
We then fill them up with handmade tags like this:
Tin-O-Tags is quite a satisfying project when it is complete and this year our strategy is to start early and by early, I mean 6 months early. We've calculated that we could easily give 100 Tin-O-Tags away and we usually have at least 8 tags inside of the tin so that means we've got 800 tags to make!

We started yesterday afternoon and this is what we've accomplished so far. I've made 100 of these:
Linda made 100 of these:
Linda had some contraband (a.k.a. non-Stampin' Up! product) that she wanted to use up so she made 22 of these...
and 19 of these:
Linda also stamped out 100 of the trucks we will need for this tag so I can watercolor them when I am at the beach at the end of July and need a little project to work on.
We also had 57 assorted tags left over from last year. So what does all this mathematical gibberish mean? We've got 398 tags and only 402 to go! I think this project may turn into Christmas in June AND July.


Cheryl DeBlauw said...

I'm so proud of you! I can't even think about Christmas yet! And I so enjoy your writing style on your blog! :)

kate wallace said...

Wow! You two are so ambitious! That is great! I love the truck card :)